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The regret in question, however, constitutes an emotional remainder, not a logical remainder, so we need not think that failure to act on one of the jointly unsatisfiable type 1 ought statements impugns the power of our moral intellect or indicates an inconsistency in the moral system to which we adhere.
Smith then, dismissing benevolence moral systems, brings his teacher's idealistic view of men down to earth, offering a, let us say, humanly attainable ethical theory.
Moral ideals are also part of the moral system, and while not morally required, they are morally encouraged.
between normative rules that constitute a moral system and normative
Moral systems in different religions and societies clearly involve a range of different moral principles.
Marriage involved obedience, but women could achieve moral authority as wives and as mothers through their adovcacy of the moral system.
In this sense, Ngarinyin people's desire for a genuinely equal engagement with European law and the moral system it derives from--an engagement that has admittedly been much more lethal and destructive in the past--has some way to travel yet before Aboriginal hopes of sharing common ground are realised.
This underlying moral system is known as the Noahide Code and consists of seven categories: 1) Belief in God.
His thesis is that Rowling's novels present an "updated Stoic moral system whose primary virtue is old-fashioned constancy--resolution in the face of adversity.
Every moral system undertakes to determine what is right and wrong, good and evil, and desires that its worshippers act so that one may be done and the other avoided.
A moral system is important for regulating behavior.
Nearly every moral system begins with the presupposition that all members of a community are of equal worth.