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People are mortifyingly embarrassed about this, but there's no reason why you can't do it in B&Q either.
However, Joe's efforts to fit in are hampered by his father who buys Joe's headmaster a motorbike so he will sack the teacher who gave Joe detention, flies Joe's forgotten homework to school by helicopter and most mortifyingly pays a girl to pretend to be in love with Joe so Joe thinks he has a girlfriend.
But their purpose was not easy to decipher, and after around 10 minutes of crass jokes that ranged from the cringeworthy to the mortifyingly awful, it became difficult to work out what Gest's purpose was, either.
The show she will be taking to Edinburgh is based on a sketch she wrote for a PTAreview and is a sort of grown up Bridget Jones's Diary, with Ginny playing Ruth, a mother who "can't win" and has to cope with her children, other playground parents and an "embarrassing husband who does a karaoke Elvis impression which is mortifyingly awful".
But still, tied by a mortifyingly static first act, the new enfant terrible of the German opera world just couldn't find in his own interpretation what is absent from the text.
IT'S still mortifyingly gimmicky, but if it works it'll be up there with Moses parting the Red Sea.