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MORTUARIES, Eng. law. These are a sort of ecclesiastical heriots, being a customary gift claimed by and due to the minister, in many parishes, on the death of the parishioner. 2 Bl. Com. 425.

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Leicestershire Hospitals had the highest number of serious incidents recorded in mortuaries than any other in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, according to the FOI.
With about 450 officials working in mortuaries across the province, the body load ranges from 1 736 to 8 060 per hospital in the central hospitals.
We have many cases where dead bodies are kept in mortuaries for long periods due to procedural delays," said Mutawa.
tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined tion system chosen is specially designed for mortuaries al parlours with confined The refrigeration system cspecially designed fand funeral parlours pace.
In Riverside, where there are two proposed mortuaries, Plaid councillor Mohammed Islam said residents should have been consulted.
Some of Hawaii's biggest mortuaries are now controlled by fast-growing mainland groups.
The picture printed in many of our newspapers could been taken at any one of hundreds of hospital mortuaries in Britain this past week.
ARMY barracks are being lined up as temporary mortuaries amid fears of Millennium chaos.
You can go back 100 years and see that casket styles don't change,'' said Nadan, noting that the shop's prices reflect savings of up to 55 percent compared with prices charged by some mortuaries.
Borthwick owns not only the largest private cemetery in Hawaii--the 270-acre Hawaiian Memorial Park--but also five mortuaries and nine chapels.