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In high performance sport, such motivations are: satisfaction, pleasure, self-esteem, autoincredere, challenge, social status, self-esteem, praise / social sanction, combative, competitive spirit.
This research treats only a part of the vast area of motivation and its role in reaching performance in individual sports.
As an important affective variable, motivation has been extensively researched in second/foreign language (SL/FL) learning (Crookes & Schmidt, 1991; Dornyei, 2005; Liu & Zhang, 2013; Spolsky, 2000; Wesely, 2009; Yamashita, 2015).
Nevertheless, not much research has been conducted on the relationship between language contact and motivation and their roles in competence of the TL in SA contexts (Dewaele & Regan, 2002; Hernandez, 2010b; Martinsen, 2008).
Objective: To determine the demotivating factors influencing the teacher's motivation at Army Medical College from the faculty's perspective.
Material and Methods: This study was conducted during the pre and post workshop sessions in order to explore the teacher's motivation through faculty's perspective at the Army Medical College.
The purpose of this study was to explore the motivation and language anxiety and to determine the possible relations between which types of motivation impact the students' Foreign Language (FOLA) anxiety, the present study examined relationship between motivation for learning Deutsch and FOLA anxiety among high school students.
Researchers have drawn on exercise motivation and identity theory to better understand exercise participation and psychological well-being (Anderson & Cychosz, 1994; 1995; Hagger & Chatzisarantis, 2008; Vlachopoulos, 2009).
Motivation leads to self-realization of employees as a way of his or her optimal development and personal fulfillment.
It was found that intrinsic motivation of teachers was having strong correlation with academic achievement of the students.
The results show that the overall level of the lecturers' motivation against the use of innovation in TandL at POLIMAS is high (M = 3.
Concept of motivation has been defined by different people in different ways.