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Investigation of a new motor assessment scale for stroke patients.
Dean CM, Mackey FH (1992) Motor Assessment Scale scores as a measure of rehabilitation outcome following stroke.
Predictors were the Functional Independence Measure (Kidd et al 1995), Motor Assessment Scale (Carr et al 1985), Modified Elderly Mobility Scale (Kuys and Brauer 2006), admission walking speed measured using the 10-m Walk Test (Wade et al 1987), and Timed Up and Go (Podsiadlo and Richardson 1991) measured on admission to rehabilitation.
Carr JH, Shepherd RB, Nordholm L, Lynne D (1985): Investigation of a New Motor Assessment Scale for Stroke Patients.
A composite of the three upper-limb items of the Motor Assessment Scale (Carr et al 1985, Lannin 2004) was used to score upper-limb activity between 0 points (no activity) and 18 points (best possible score/good activity).