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com)-- Setcom Corporation, the industry leader in communication systems and accessories for police motorcycle officers, is participating in POLICE magazine's “Well-Dressed” Motor Officer Contest.
For me, it's cell phones, (or) people shaving and putting on makeup," said Los Angeles motor Officer Terry Turner of Valley Traffic Division.
It frees up a motor officer to work in other areas.
The LAPD motor officer had a thick moustache and shiny black boots; the French gendarme wore a nicely tailored jacket adorned with red ribbons.
When San Fernando police tried to corral the dogs, one of the pit bulls tried to attack a motor officer, Alba said.
Zine, who worked as a motor officer for years, said the numbers have been dwindling in recent years and the situation is leaving a gap in traffic enforcement.
I saw Channel 5 in Los Angeles make fun of the motor officer who ticketed her after she crossed the street.
A retired LAPD motor officer who may have been on his way to a film location was critically injured Wednesday when his motorcycle collided with a dump truck in Northridge.
The veteran sergeant on the police radio, making sure the nearest motor officer or patrol unit was on its way to help someone who was hurt or in trouble.
I was an LAPD motor officer, and I have personally witnessed the effects that careless driving can have on people, and it isn't pretty,'' Zine said.
Divisions will include Active Motor Officers, Law Enforcement Officers not currently assigned to a Motors Unit, Civilian Expert, Civilian Advanced and for the first time this year, Civilian Novice.
Tenders are invited for provide e-ticket paper used by patrol and motor officers to issue citations on an as-needed basis for a three (3)-year period commencing on or about november 1, 2016.