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The Well-Dressed contest will be giving away $3,000 worth of motor officer gear to one lucky winner, so don't miss your chance to win all the great prizes.
I have some serious questions about this program," said Zine, a former LAPD motor officer.
The French motor officers are here to train with area agencies and will help out at the Golden Globes.
Zine said the department had 304 motor officers in 1991-92, but budget cuts have left only 242.
At the LAPD, we have a saying about our motorcycle traffic officers: "As a motor officer, it is not if you are going down, but when.
I've shown the Helibars setup to numerous motor officers in the Phoenix area that are either riding the new Kawasakis or their departments were purchasing them soon.
Motor officers, sergeants, and S3 and S4 staff can verify that the correct information ended up in the Logistics Information Warehouse.
He put his foot down through rush-hour traffic as patrol police and then motor officers tried to stay on his tail.
Among his currently pending cases, McNicholas represents ten motor officers who have alleged retaliation for refusing to follow unlawful ticket quotas.
Olympic Team Members, along with avid race supporter and actor Patrick Dempsey, will be led up Rodeo Drive on their bikes by Beverly Hills Police Motor Officers to a press conference for a special announcement regarding the upcoming 2012 Amgen Tour of California road race and Rodeo Drive.
Infokall's solution will be running on rugged handheld computers running Microsoft Pocket PC Operating System to arm the city of New Orleans Police Department motor officers with a device that can better withstand rugged usage, harsh conditions such as heat, humidity and rain than a consumer-class handheld computer.
The SuperMic is a great option for motor officers because it is extremely versatile and it increases safety and flexibility," said Jim Roberts, President of Setcom.