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The residue with 50 ml of acetone to remove any further trace of oil, and placed in a crucible this was then dried in the oven at 105 [degrees]C for one hour and then incinerated in the Muffle Furnace.
The filter cake was washed by acetic acid solution to remove impurities and calcined in a muffle furnace at 900 [degrees]C for 2 h.
Laboratory muffle furnace is a combination of an inside isolating ceramics and thermo-insulating outer case.
The crucible was put into a muffle furnace and hold there at a temperature between 700[degrees]C and 800[degrees]C for 1.
The fixed carbon, volatile matter and ash content were determined according to ASTM D3174-89 method by electric muffle furnace.
Silica filled rubber samples were kept at 550[degrees]C for two hours in a muffle furnace for burning off the rubber.
3 mm) 2-4 g were put into a muffle furnace and calcined at 500-550[degrees]C for four hours in aerobic environment.
Make a test core from each resin system and place them in a 900F (482C) muffle furnace for 10 min.