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They expect to receive a positive environmental declaration soon and then construction can begin on the Muga mine.
On the contrary, bleak populations showed overall lower growth rate, body condition, reproductive investment and proportion of females in Muga and Foix streams.
Tiangco agreed to assist Muga with related materials such as statements of votes so he could determine if the alleged pattern also existed on the municipal level.
San Diego County is home to about 22,000 Reform Party members, Muga said.
Sherber found the MUGA test results normal but the stress ECG results abnormal.
Monte Xanic joins AeroMexico's other Clase Premier wine selections from France, Chile and Spain: Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial; Calvet Sauvignon Blanc 2000; Chateau Castera Medoc-Cru Bourgeois 1997; Cotes du Rhone Chateau d'Ampuis 1998; Federico Paternina Gran Reserva 1994; Muga Rioja 1998; Caliterra Reserva 1998; La Huerta Reserva Especial 1998.
Contract:the supply and installation of a muga at spencer fields sports area as per the requirements and specification.
The event focussed on Assam weavers, who are known for producing Pat and Muga Silk.
ON OUR PLAYGROUND, we have a MUGA, rock wall, rugby posts and a new climbing frame.
There would be a rugby pitch, with a baseball diamond and eight-lane 110m hurdle track, as well as a 3G football pitch, a multi-use games area (MUGA) containing netball and tennis courts, a second smaller MUGA for football or basketball, and a long jump pit.
The funding will see a new MUGA developed at High Grange to complement the existing sports pitches and play area.