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An SDLP spokesman added: "Cllr Denise Mullen informed us her young son while playing with her personal mobile phone accidentally forwarded on an image of an online post that included offensive language relating to the DUP leader on WhatsApp.
The email explains: "Please find attached correspondence, which has been sent to you by Josie Mullen.
Mullen, who-with his voice and make-up-is a dead-ringer for the late rocker, immediately had the VIP crowd on their feet.
Mullen has completetd its graduation in engineering from University of Illinois.
I express the deepest regret of the Archdiocese for what has happened and would ask you to pray for all those whose lives have been affected by the actions of Thomas Mullen.
Mullen downplayed his role on the team in recent interviews, calling himself "the shortest Tall Fir" and telling Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder in 2009 that "I was the end of the bench.
Mullen was taken into custody within hours of the early afternoon blaze and confessed to setting the wind-whipped fire, according to police.
Ms Morgan said Mullen "flipped out in a rage" before headbutting her.
Mullen told a group of reporters Wednesday afternoon that he came to Egypt to convey to Lt.
The prosecution said Mullen was recruited by Mr Hartley's former gay lover and business partner David Large, 35, to carry out the assassination.
Mullen was sentenced to serve at least 30 years for the shooting of drug dealer Christopher Hartley on a country lane in West Yorkshire in September.
I did not come here to press Turkey to do more in Afghanistan," Admiral Mullen told a news conference at the U.