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With the inherent high bandwidth and expanding information-carrying capacity, however, laser-optimized 50-micron multimode fiber is the most cost-effective solution within the LAN, data center and SAN for all distances less than 600 meters.
To avoid the cost, complications and lead times associated with the installation of new fiber, Perle now offers over 30 models of Gigabit Media Converters that enable Gigabit speeds across a multimode fiber link up to 2km in length.
To benefit from the cost advantages of VCSELs and LEDs, multimode fiber should be used, as the large core of multimode fiber facilitates highly efficient coupling of LED and VCSEL power.
For SAN implementations, Fibre Channel includes a solution that uses laser-optimized multimode fiber with vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) as a light source, at a wavelength of 850 nm for 10 Gbps up to 300 meters.
Fully able to support legacy systems, including Ethernet and Fast Ethernet, the company's 50-micron GIGAlite multimode fiber features guaranteed Gigabit Ethernet distances up to 750 meters using 850-nm vertical cavil/surface-emitting lasers.

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