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Multiple pregnancies are associated with a higher risk of adverse outcomes both in the lead up to, and after, birth.
The two bills provide for the extension of maternity leave by four weeks in cases of multiple pregnancies and subsequently the extension of maternity allowance," Fakontis said.
In some multiple pregnancies where the babies share a placenta these pregnancies are difficult to manage clinically.
This paper examines the occurrence of multiple pregnancies and repeat births amongst public hospital births to NT mothers for the period 1 January 2003 to 31 December 2005 as per ethics clearance.
Remarkably, only multiple pregnancies conceived after the complete implantation of all transferred embryos were associated with an increased breast cancer risk (HR 1.
The guidelines will also make it mandatory for doctors not to surgically implant more than two eggs in a patient's uterus at once to prevent complications that arise with multiple pregnancies.
Tonight, the midwives are dealing with a spate of multiple pregnancies.
The workshops will address topics like multiple pregnancies, premature infant complications, and antenatal detection of congenital heart diseases.
12) This reduction in multiple pregnancies and multiple births has also been promised to decrease the health risks associated with IVF for both mothers and their children.
We can move towards single embryo transfers and reduce the number of multiple pregnancies and all the risks involved.
TINY "heartbeats" within fertilised human eggs could hold the key to more successful IVF treatment and fewer multiple pregnancies, Welsh scientists have found.
New technologies used at the hospital include a "blastocyst culture" which has resulted in improved IVF success rates and reduced multiple pregnancies.

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