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The analytical theory of the multiple scattering of light in heterogeneous media is based on the vector form of the Foldy-Lax equation.
This ensured the validity of the multiple scattering for optically thick ([tau] ~ 1) tissue samples [10].
It is reasonable to evaluate the rain-induced propagation and scattering effects with the first-order multiple scattering approximation theory [48].
Therefore, the amplitude of sliding scattering center of any specific shape of streamlined target or the amplitude in presence of multiple scattering can be described in such a way.
Keywords Light scattering, Dependent scattering, Rutile titanium dioxide pigments, Multiple scattering
For future study, one may extend this investigation to explore the graphical resistive sheet employing all kinds of frequency selective surface (FSS) elements, and study a method for surface waves extracting from the multiple scattering mechanisms of a finite slab with a RAM coating.
All the droplet size data presented includes the correction for multiple scattering.
Malvern's Spraytec incorporates features that make it suited for automotive applications, including: high-speed data acquisition up to 10 kHz, ensuring that rapidly changing events can be captured in detail; a range of triggering options to coordinate size measurement with the spray event; and patented multiple scattering analysis for accurate measurement of high concentration sprays.
Among the topics are the numerical simulation of multiple scattering by hidden cracks under the incidence of elastic waves, the mechanics of randomly folded thin materials, the effect of mixed mode loading induced by asymmetric stress on crack initiation from corrosion pits, the short-crack propagation model applied to shot peened aluminum alloys, verifying the ultrasonic qualification for structural integrity of partially concrete embedded steel elements, and residual strength and fracture path for drilled epoxy-glass composites.
5) assumes that the attenuation is independent of the angle of scattering, and that multiple scattering is not important.
Multiple scattering occurs when the light is scattered by multiple drops before reaching the detector, and therefore, introduces errors in computing the droplet size distribution.

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