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Multiplexers have traditionally placed a burden on the signal integrity of the memory channel, which can compromise the speed of the operation.
A statistical multiplexer is far more efficient than a TDM, but comparing the efficiency of statistical multiplexers is difficult.
The Mini-Mux 840 Remote Terminal is a small, environmentally protected cabinet that securely houses Charles' Mini-Mux 840L OC-3 Multiplexer.
708-241-0909), is a leading manufacturer of cost-effective data/voice multiplexers that allow both computer data, voice and FAX to be carried on 56Kbps digital lines.
At the 1993 Tele-Communications Association conference and exhibit in San Diego today, HT Communications introduced a line of intelligent high-speed digital multiplexers.
has announced the release of the Mini-Mux 2000, a DS3 Add/Drop Multiplexer with support for DS1 and 10/100 Ethernet drops.
Economical enough for use in point-to-point applications, Tellabs 300 Series packet switches and statistical multiplexers can be expanded to perform key functions in local and wide-area multinode data networks.
The 2080 MX 4:1 multiplexer meets an important need for Synthesis as we continue to design and manufacture some of the most innovative test and measurement solutions for the communications and storage industries," said Tom Waschura, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Synthesis Research, Inc.
announced the introduction of a feature-packed eight to 64-port stat multiplexer which the company states will save up to $6,000.
We're very pleased to have earned the continued confidence of a top-tier carrier as the exclusive provider for M13 Multiplexers," said Dave Lee, vice president of marketing and services, Telco Systems.
The TEMUX 32 integrates 32 T1/E1 framers, a DS3/E3 framer, an M13 multiplexer and a VT/TU mapper in a single device, featuring:
The PM8305 SPS 3G and the PM8307 SPS 3GT SATA multiplexers provide enterprise-class SATA HDD connectivity, including dual porting and an embedded microcontroller for advanced diagnostics and monitoring.