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My vestigial research into the matter does lead me to think that Taggart's account of municipalisation has some of the quality of a public interest variant of Whiggism; shall we call it 'Webbism'?
The provision of parks had been a crucial aspect of Chamberlain's programme of municipalisation and of the creation of the bestgoverned city in the world, a city worthy of comparison with renaissance Florence, Milan and Venice.
Coun Whitby has spoken many times about his wish to emulate Joseph Chamberlain, whose programme of Victorian municipalisation saw the council take control of gas, water, electricity, public transport and housing.
Il a su mettre a profit ses connaissances en histoire urbaine pour cerner tous les enjeux de la municipalisation d'un service aussi essentiel que celui de l'adduction d'eau.
They included the municipalisation of both the local electric supply in 1899 and of the tramways in 1903; and the opening of the municipality's Elan water supply a year later.
Elle souligne comment des savoirs techniques, nes de l'administration publique, de l'ingenierie et de la demo-anthropologie, sont amenes a faire face a la complexite grandissante de la gestion urbaine : immigration et demande de logements economiques, croissance des infrastructures et municipalisation des services, expansion et formation de la rente, questions d'hygiene et de sauvegarde des quartiers anciens.
In 1875, the two companies were taken over by the Corporation as part of Joseph Chamberlain's radical municipalisation.
His discourse on scientific management indicates that he was not against municipalisation of public services.
We now need cross-party agreement for the municipalisation of the Post Office.
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