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Trumbull, Muren, and Others Vouch for HighFrame-Rate Cinema," StudioDaily.
Muren, 56, died after he was struck by the car - which continued west along the road without stopping, Lane County sheriff's officials said.
These results are in contradiction with the findings of Solnick (2001), Eckel and Grossman (2001), Dufwenberg and Muren (2005) and Botelho, et al.
In the analyses performed, contributions of the following computer-science students should be acknowledged: Barbara Tvrdi, Anze Jazbec, Marko Kovki, Domen Muren.
uk, 0870 120 4848); Ektorp Muren in blue pounds 265 (www.
series (Alford, Hormer, Muren, Stoy, and Weir) that make up these
Although a meta-analysis of 34 studies found no significant eating disorder risk effects for gymnasts--dancers, and elite athletes in sports emphasizing thinness--were at increased risk (Smolak, Muren, & Ruble, 2000).
De strijd woedt binnen de kring van her Nederlands Protestantisme, ja, binnen de muren van de Franeker Akademie zelf.
The Hulk puts almost everything ILM has done previously into one film and takes it beyond," says ILM chief and nine-times Oscar winner Dennis Muren.
Among the Tungusic tribes that were eventually brought under Manchu rule, several were named for rivers: the Ula (Manchu ula 'large river'), the Muren (the Mongolian word for 'river'), the Usuri (referring to the Ussuri River), the Hunehe (who took their name from the Hun River in Liaodong), the Yehe who took their name from the Yehe river.
IN THE EARLY 1980s, Hsi Muren, who is by profession a painter, brought out two volumes of poetry that became enormously popular in Taiwan and later among mainland Chinese readers as well.