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Following gene therapy, Duan's team examined the dogs for signs of muscle disease and measured muscle force in treated and untreated dogs.
LISBON -- Numerous important topics in muscle diseases including treatment of muscle metabolic defect, muscular distrophies, exercise therapy in muscle diseases and Gene therapy were discussed by eminent neurophysicians at the 21st meeting of the European Neurological Society held at Lisbon recently.
Now Jane is working towards establishing a muscle disease centre in Kings Norton.
This conference, organised by the Aswan Heart Centre, discussed something very serious -- inherited heart muscle disease," DrYacoub said at a press conference after the conference.
We estimate that at the moment almost pounds 4m a year is being wasted in Wales on unplanned emergency admissions to hospital for muscle disease patients.
Hurt by the accusation in the film and play that her father was a cold and distant man, Agathe wrote about him for her nieces and nephews in the 1980s but had to stop while she recovered from a muscle disease.
HARRY Potter creator JK Rowling has hit out at the ``lack of care'' for Scots suffering from the muscle disease that claimed her own mother's life.
the aged, or patients otherwise suffering from muscle disease and disuse, may be able to benefit from creatine, a nitrogen-containing compound made in the body and found in meat and fish.
White muscle disease results from both vitamin E and selenium deficiencies.
Evans' death certificate, which was included in the court papers, lists his cause of death as cardiomyopathy - heart muscle disease - and ``effects of restraint against combative behavior.
To treat the heart muscle disease, doctors sometimes prescribe blood thinners or medications to regulate heart rhythm and blood pressure.
The former, the most common progressive muscle disease in the over 50s, is frequently under-diagnosed and, with the increasing population of aged individuals, is presenting a greater challenge.