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4) The primary treatment of a muscle cramp is to relax the affected muscle.
Muscle cramps (involuntary muscle contraction associated with severe pain) occur frequently in patients receiving dialysis.
If the hypothesis of diaphragmatic cramp is true, it is likely to be a painful involuntary contraction of the skeletal muscle component of the diaphragm, akin to muscle cramps common to limb and trunk muscles.
The charley horse is an apt name for muscle cramps, which can be as painful as a horse's kick.
Be it Wimbledon, Euro 2008 or the Olympics, according to research for Crampex, the muscle cramp treatment, we are all encouraged to get sporty in the summer.
In fact, most of us have experienced a muscle cramp or spasm at some stage in our lives.
In the past, I had stomach or muscle cramp in the last two to four kilometres but I had no problems at all.
BE MY MANAGER, the Henrietta Knight-trained chaser who won both his outings as a novice last season, may have been suffering from muscle cramp when disappointing on his seasonal debut at Cheltenham last week-but the six-year-old has suffered no ill-effects and is expected to run again this month.
Was used in the past for epilepsy and muscle cramp.
Cramp911, formulated to offer rapid muscle cramp relief, is sold through OTC merchandising in pharmacies, grocery stores, health and vitamin retailers, pro shops, and through numerous online retailers.
For muscle cramp that occurs at night, your doctor may prescribe you a low dose of quinine.
Our fitness expert Kay Mikesky explains that a charley horse refers to a muscle cramp or spasm in the lower leg.