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in the family law of Scotland, usually a parent who has responsibility to act with a minor in his affairs. The Age of Legal Capacity (Scotland) Act 1991 has practically replaced the term with the guardian, who has responsibility for children under 16 who, under the Act, cannot contract without his consent save in exceptional circumstances set out in the Act.

CURATOR, persons, contracts. One who has been legally appointed to take care of the interests of one who, on account of his youth, or defect of his understanding, or for some other cause, is unable to attend to them himself.
     2. There are curators ad bona, of property, who administer the estate of a minor, take care of his person, and intervene in all his contracts; curators ad litem, of suits, who assist the minor in courts of justice, and act as curator ad bona in cases where the interests of the curator are opposed to the interests of the minor. Civ. Code of Louis. art. 357 to 366. There are also curators of insane persons Id. art. 31; and of vacant successions and absent heirs. Id. art. 1105 to 1125.
     3. The term curator is usually employed in the civil law, for that of guardian.

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Once you are employed as a museum curator you can work towards NVQ Level 2 in Museums, Galleries and Heritage; NVQ Level 3 in Cultural Heritage Operations; NVQ Level 4 in Cultural Heritage; NVQ Level 5 in Cultural Heritage Management.
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Not only was the Herbert Temporary Art Gallery, as it was known, an art gallery, there was the redoubtable museum curator Cyril Scott, a model then of what museum curators can be.
Science Museum curator Rob Skitmore - who is showing off the picture in the attraction's Measuring Time gallery - said the watch was thought to be from southern Germany.
Hancock Museum curator Steve Mclean said: "We had people queuing to get inside at 10am yesterday and it just got busier throughout the day.
Enhanced with an introductory essay relating the history of photography at the Worcester Art Museum and across central New England, Keeping Shadows: Photography At The Worcester Art Museum by David Acton (Worcester Art Museum curator of prints, drawings, and photographs) and with contributions by Stephen B.
Back in 1992, in a note to an overly earnest museum curator, Tracey Moffatt wrote: "As an artist, I have never been on a mission to educate.
Museum curator Sandra Quayle said the instrument was an important piece of Beatles and social history.
Museum curator Mike Glasson said: "The chance for people to get antiques valued really caught the imagination.
As Jimmy's son Paul Cummings had never seen the banner, LFC Museum curator StephenDonewas only too pleased to invite him down to Anfield this week to give it an airing on the Kop.
Science Museum curator Helen Peavitt said: "It reminds me of the kits from the 1920s and is certainly a reinvention of that tradition.

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