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Born on August eight, 1937 at Haripad in Alapuzha District as the son of Malabar Gopalan Nair and Kamalaskhi Amma, he entered the film world as a music composer for the film 'Thambu' in 1978.
Another senior music composer Anil Biswas commented that Sajjad Hussain was the only original music director of his time as many of his contemporaries took inspiration from either folk or from the West.
The character under question is also an Arabic music composer called Mohammad Raheem who takes under his wing a prostitute in Jeddah called Layali.
Music composer and lyricist Cole Porter's former apartment at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is available for rent for $140,000 per month.
Also performing will be Dan Deacon, the Maryland-based electronic music composer who manipulates electronic frequencies to create amaelstrom of noise.
AS AN AVANT-GARDE MUSIC COMPOSER, John Cage is remembered for unconventional pieces such as 4'33", during which the performer tries not to make any sounds.
I go driving to regroup," says the Los Angeles-based television commercial/show music composer.
Top film music composer Michael Nyman is the star guest of the second Annual Film and Music Conference, organised by Huddersfield University in association with Leeds University and the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford.
Profession: Music composer for film and television.
Its credits include director Christian Duguay, who has experience with this sort of thing (The Assignment and Screamers), cinematographer Pierre Gill (Eldorado, Liste Noire), music composer Normand Cobeil (The Assignment, Les Boys and Les Boys II), editor Michel Arcand (Sunshine, Un zoo la nuit) and co-stars Donald Sutherland and Maury Chaykin (who between them have more credits than can be possibly listed here).
Last year Roger Bourland, a 46-year-old gay music composer and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, found himself climbing a craggy hill in former Yugoslavia to experience the divine firsthand.
Mark Isham was the trumpeter for pianist Art Lande's ensemble, and we all know that he went on to a successful career as a film music composer.