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Tony published widely himself, understanding the importance of evidence-based practice and bringing music therapy to a wider audience.
Paying attention to the importance of music therapy started in America during the Second World War during the 40s of the last century.
Mary-of-the-Woods--founded by the Sisters of Providence--marked 30 years of music therapy as an undergraduate program last fall.
Gomez perez, Calvillo Velasco, Perez-Compos and Mayoral, investigated the effect of music therapy compared to the psychological therapy on depressed patients.
Can't beat ITISAAC Flynn enjoys singing and playing drums in music therapy classes
Learning that there was a kind of music therapy that used the voice as primary instrument to effect change, made me feel like I'd found my planet.
Music therapy services are an integral part of treatment delivered in military treatment facilities and VA medical centers throughout the country.
Considering the paradigmatic frame: Social science research approaches relevant to research in music therapy.
The belief that music therapy has the ability to transform memory care is what made Tomaino so excited cited when she met Dan Cohen, a former social worker turned businessman.
I agreed to provide several free sessions and, after this time, was offered a contract as a registered music therapist, providing group and individual music therapy one afternoon a week.
Donald Wetherick, Chair of the British Association for Music Therapy says:
will offer its support to the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund by donating a percentage of net profits from the March 12th digital release of UK based recording artists Beautiful Remnant Group's single “Confidence.

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