Musical composition

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MUSICAL COMPOSITION. The act of congress of February 3, 1831, authorizes the granting of a copyright for a musical composition. A question was formerly agitated whether a composition published on a single sheet of paper, was to be considered a book, and it was decided in the affirmative. 2 Campb. 28, n.; 11 East, 244. See Copyright.

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Under the final regulations, a separate election must be made for each musical composition (or copyright in a musical work) sold or exchanged during the tax year.
A specially-prepared performance space in the Bluecoat will see Chris Watson explore Another Place and Crosby beach through a series of recordings he made at the waterfront earlier in the summer, followed by Matthew Herbert's presentation of his new musical composition based on those recordings.
Musini lets children explore a musical space where they can shape and control the creation of a musical composition," says John Sosoka, the inventor of Musini.
Pala, a 45-year-old musician who lives near the southern Italian city of Lecce, began studying Leonardo's painting in 2003, after hearing on a news programme that researchers believed the artist and inventor had hidden a musical composition in the work.
95) packs an original mystery anthology with both stories and songs (songs re on an accompanying cd, featuring performances by the authors), pairing the skills of some thirteen mystery writers with a format to include an original story from each and an original musical composition themed around their contribution.
Disney Family Chair in Musical Composition at the California Institute of the Arts' School of Music.
Of course, choreography can be taught just as easily--and with as much hopeless difficulty--as musical composition, painting, or creative writing.
His acts would explain themselves without looking beyond his given essence, and his soul would be like a musical composition, which once written out cannot grow different and once rendered can ask for nothing but, at most, to be rendered over again.
In addition, he is one of the talents behind Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life, an unusual Broadway-bound musical event opening in September in San Diego, and he has penned the lyrics for a 20-minute musical composition by Jake Heggie, "At the Statue of Venus," for soprano Renee Fleming that will mark the opening of a new opera house in Denver, also in September.
Now, the 32-year-old Haitian-American, who holds a doctorate in musical composition from the University of Michigan, combines hip-hop, jazz, classical, folk, and soul to create his own musical style.
The students will perform a special musical composition while the Millennium Bridge opens and a tapestry made in both schools will be joined above the Tyne.