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MUTATION, French law. This term is synonymous with change, and is particularly applied to designate the change which takes place in the property of a thing in its transmission from one person to another; permutation therefore happens when, the owner of the thing sells, exchanges or gives it. It is nearly synonymous with transfer. (q.v.) Merl. Repert. h.t.

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This study showed that immunohistochemistry with SP174 antibody allowed identification of KRAS and NRAS Q61R mutant proteins.
To examine the mode of binding, binding stability and interaction profiles of ligand and receptor proteins, all mutant proteins were subjected to docking with Helicoverpa armigera Cadherin and APN receptors and Aedes aegypti ALP by clusPro(2.
All malignant tumors harbor genetic alterations, some of which may lead to the production of mutant proteins that are capable of triggering an antitumor immune response.
There are reports to utilize endogenous heat shock proteins (Hsp) for stabilization of mutant proteins in some diseases by using small molecules as molecular chaperone inducers, mainly focusing on neurodegenerative diseases; polyglutamine (polyQ) diseases and tauopathies.
The mutant proteins have been expressed as recombinant proteins in a TS-deficient mutant strain of E.
The research project will focus on several aspects of this process, from transcription of the genes encoding these proteins to functional studies of normal and mutant proteins.
Watson, who is Chancellor Emeritus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, then takes up the case of cancer cells largely driven by mutant proteins such as RAS and MYC.
Additionally, biochemical experiments have demonstrated the ability of AG10 to stabilize a series of mutant proteins associated with TTR-CM.
The KBTBD4 protein is predicted to function in conjunction with ubiquitin ligase enzymes that tag other proteins for recycling by cells, but Northcott said research is underway to better understand how the normal and mutant proteins function.
Davidson notes that these results are somewhat surprising because this intervention knocks down the mutant proteins by only about 60 percent, making the payoff remarkable.
Mutations in the p53 gene are the most commonly reported genetic abnormality in human cancers, p53 mutant proteins differ in the extent to which they have lost suppressor function and in their capacity to inhibit wild-type p53 present in a dominant-negative manner.
Harper's work as part of the Consortium will focus on profiling the organization of the mitochondrial interactome in response to ALS mutant proteins to determine whether expression of mutant proteins linked to ALS leads to activation or inhibition of the mitochondrial quality control system.