mutual dependence

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In particular, our results highlight the moderating role of mutual dependence between buyers and suppliers.
And yet a mutual dependence is at play, like two people on a seesaw.
a separateness which goes beyond the useful sense of mutual dependence and ethnic solidarity .
The big lesson of the crisis has been learnt: we cannot escape our mutual dependence.
The mutual dependence and shared risk on both sides of the energy trade are so great that they cannot be fully hedged by any market mechanisms.
Among these reasons is the rapid growth witnessed by both the GCC and Asian countries, deepening mutual dependence.
Less conspicuously, it recognises the mutual dependence of vertical (top-down and bottom-up) collaborations within health facilities in building research capacity.
And given all the changes which have taken place, the mutual dependence between East and West is far greater.
Drawn into a triangle of mutual dependence with the photographer and one of his models, a woman trapped in social limbo, Hallam suggests, "We'll combine forces.
36) Ideologies of separation have failed to bring security to Israelis or Palestinians, and they have certainly failed to establish justice or secure peace: fostering a diaspora consciousness within the land will, I suggest, be vital in the slow, painful move away from a politics of separation and hostility towards a politics of mutual dependence and care.
Faculty and administration have both a mutual goal and a mutual dependence, and it falls to the faculty developers to mediate between these two bodies to promote the objectives of the administration while addressing the needs and motivations of faculty.