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As a network device these NAS virtualization switches do not require software agents or the implementation of a proprietary file system.
There's no doubt that the delivery of the Compaq Enterprise Virtual Array and NAS Executor marks a revolution in the way many will think about enterprise-class storage and the confluence of the NAS and SAN paradigms.
The NAS controller can provide protection for the data using a redundant array mode, if there is a storage controller.
Freedom NAS offers a powerful solution through the convergence of NAS and SAN in a single system," said Ron Gervenack, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Products and Solutions, Hitachi Data Systems.
NAS offers many opportunities for IS managers to reduce their total cost of ownership by eliminating many of the management costs associated with storage.
Built with performance and cost in mind, the ATTO Celerity FC Storage Adapter line brings unique capabilities for specialty applications such as the JES 23TB COTS NAS solution," said Sherri Robinson, director of markets, ATTO Technology, Inc.
In this solution, which is shown in Figure 1, the backup server "mounts" the various NAS filers that are on the LAN and backs up the filer data across the LAN.
To deliver these capabilities, we are required to move beyond a device-centric NAS approach; frankly, these management activities simply can't be executed by intelligence at a device-centric level.
The IBM NAS gateway technology allows us to empower our existing AIX users with the ability to extend their enterprise data management by upgrading their existing disk technology to a SAN and use the gateway to provide critical file services to their customers," said Mike Piltoff, vice president, Champion Computer Corporation.
We're excited about this new release because for the first time Wasabi Storage Builder for NAS can leverage our iSCSI technology," said Jim Schrand, Wasabi's vice president of marketing.
With the exception of BlueArc, every NAS device available to consumers today is implemented using a CPU-based architecture.