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1 There is an increased amount of stage 3 NREM sleep compared to the first trimester with a corresponding increase in complaints of interrupted sleep due to nocturnal GERD.
The CAP features were defined as in [15]: CAP rate (the ratio of CAP time to NREM sleep time); [CAP.
The total number of delta brushes, frontal and temporal sharp transients, the presence of delta frontal rhythmic activity, concordance between behavioral sleep patterns and EEG, degree of interhemispheric synchrony, and measurement of interburst interval were determined during one 5 min epoch of REM and of NREM sleep (the most typical epochs in each PS were selected).
Despite differences in total sleep time, (1) the amount of slow wave sleep, (2) the absolute spectral density of NREM sleep, (3) the evolution of the EEG spectra during sleep and (4) recovery sleep after sleep deprivation are comparable in short and long sleepers (Aeschbach et al.
NREM sleep occurs in four distinct brain wave patterns on an EEG.
However, in our dreams there is a difference in the I and the Me vantage point, depending on whether the dream is in REM sleep or in NREM sleep.
In 1957 they first described Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and proposed the 4 stages of NREM sleep.
2000; McNamara, 2004) suggests that the mother spends most of her sleep time during the pregnancy in Stage 2 (N2) NREM sleep while the developing baby spends the bulk of its (sleep) time in REM sleep.
When they slept in the laboratory, they were woken several times each night, in either REM or NREM sleep, and were asked if they had been having a dream.
When comparing the percentages of the diverse NREM sleep phases, we observed alterations in the cyclic organization of sleep: the percentage of phase II time was higher in the FM group than in the control group (F= 5.