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An increase in the parasympathetic tone and a decrease in sympathetic activity during NREM sleep with further increase of parasympathetic tone and a decrease in sympathetic activity during REM sleep constitute fundamental ANS changes.
Based on the simultaneous analysis of all three measurements, NREM sleep is classified into four stages that are characterized by increasing arousal thresholds.
Thus it is difficult to define the relative importance of abnormal respiration detected during REM or NREM sleeps.
NREM sleep delta activity in frontal cortex was transiently increased (Fig.
Using nasal mechanical ventilation during stable NREM sleep, Zhou et al (45) have shown that the apnoeic threshold was -3.
Although the study by Brower and colleagues revealed low baseline levels in the proportion of stage 4 NREM sleep (rather than SWS sleep, which encompasses stages 3 and 4 NREM sleep) among patients who subsequently relapsed, the proportion of stage 4 sleep did not predict relapse after controlling for other slee p variables, such as sleep latency.
21] The electrographic hallmark of narcolepsy is the tendency to go from wakefulness to REM sleep with little, if any, NREM sleep in between.
However, recent data have shown a maintained reflex during NREM sleep, particularly in the supine posture when the upper airway is most vulnerable to collapse (40,85-88).
1), (3), (12-14) In NREM sleep, the EEG shows synchronized, progressively slower waves that are associated with increasing sensory arousal thresholds.
Dynamic central nervous system (CNS) changes that occur during both REM and NREM sleep may contribute to memory encoding, memory consolidation and reconsolidation as well as brain plasticity.