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Like things of beauty, spend a week on the Na Pali Coast.
But about Kaua'i she says: "We have the longest white sand beach in the islands, Polihale on the Na Pali coast.
The remote area, now known as Na Pali ("the cliffs") State Park, encompasses more than 6,000 acres, and remains unspoiled and undeveloped, much as it was when the ancient Polynesians first spotted its spectacular volcanic cliffs from their double-hulled canoes.
He remembers a project on the Na Pali coast where the FWS mandated that the state fence several small enclosures to save forest that still had large numbers of native trees.
We planned to hike and bowhunt for feral goats for four days along the Na Pali Coast on the northwest side of Kauai.
Doug Phillips, co-owner and vice president of Na Pali Eco Adventures, says, "To the best of our knowledge, our vessels are the most environmentally friendly powerboats in the world.
For an unequaled view of the dramatic coastline, the Hanalei Sea Tour cruises along the Na Pali Coast.
The golden beaches and soaring cliffs of Na Pali make this rugged edge of Hawaii a paradise on Earth.
Hawaii's Na Pali coast came out tops in the list of "The 14 Most Insanely Beautiful Coastlines in the World".
Operating tours daily with a focus on Whale Watching and Na Pali Coast snorkeling and marine life exploration.
Nu'alolo Kai Below an uninhabited valley on the rugged Na Pali Coast lie a pristine, reef-fringed beach and the remains of an ancient village, accessible only via permitted raft tours.
NA PALI COAST, Hawaii -- Paddling along in their double-hulled canoes, the ancient Hawaiians had roughly this same vantage point of Kauai's northwest shore.