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It will be the first time the TRA has conducted international exchanges via promoting links between its stations and namesakes in foreign countries.
We are looking forward to seeing how many Beatles namesakes come forward and stay with us - perhaps even the famous men themselves would want to take us up on our offer.
I READ the article about Cardiff namesakes around the world ("Our capital's namesake is the big 100", April 30) and one was mentioned in New South Wales.
Two prominent namesakes a Maxim Behar from Bulgaria and Maxim Behar from Brazil a are going to present Brazil's new President, Bulgaria-descended Dilma Rousseff, with the bestseller "111 Rules on Facebook" at her inauguration.
POT bellied pigs Wayne Rasher and Coleen Bacon reckon they could show their namesakes a thing or two about marriage.
They present an overview of Clark's naming process that reflects the period social context, color photographs of the roses, and photos of their namesakes (which include prize-winning gardeners and a pioneer early pilot), who range from Jessie Clark (1915) to Mary Bostock (1951).
Eventually their careers decline , slapstick becomes a kind of stand-in for anarchic freedom, the two performers begin to merge with their more infamous namesakes.
WHEN we asked for people with famous namesakes, we had no idea just how many "celebrities" were living in Coventry and Warwickshire.
Unlike the case with their super-sleuthing namesakes, there is no mystery surrounding Chicago's Hearty Boys, whose careers are piping hot after winning the Food Network's The Next Food Network Star.
Too bad many customers won't notice that two of the Swoops--York and Reese's--have two to three times more sat fat than their namesakes.
Loewen stipulated that unworthy namesakes deserve to be "remembered but not commemorated," and I intensely wish for all the facts about Joseph Lane to be available in libraries and museums.