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CODE, NAPOLEON. The Code Civil of France, enacted into law during the reign of Napoleon, bore his name until the restoration of the Bourbons when it was deprived of that name, and it is now cited Code Civil.

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The great first Napoleon is defeated in 1814 by the allies, Austria, Prussia and Russia, and retreats moodily to Elba, while thousands of his erstwhile supporters flock to the restored Bourbon King, Louis XVIII.
Original furnishings, including Napoleon's desk, a small leaf table where the Emperor would sometimes have breakfast and the pedestal table where Napoleon is said to have signed his abdication in April 1814, are back in place.
30pm: Napoleon is exiled to St Helena and Wellington is a hero.
However, at some point in the growth process following the revolution, Napoleon is found to have reestablished the market system, and in fact Napoleon himself has quietly become a leader of the new entrepreneurial class.
Again, somewhere into the growth process, Napoleon is found to have reconsidered this decision and devoted considerable resources to education, along with appropriate remunerations for the attainment of the proper education.
MOORPARK - For the first time since they met as 9-year-olds with their families stationed at the same Air Force base in England, Jason Napoleon is playing football on a separate field from Rudy Burgess this season.
A senior two-way starter, Napoleon is among the region's rushing leaders with 1,604 yards and 23 touchdowns on 142 carries.
Maybe so, but Napoleon is making it hard for colleges to overlook him this season.