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NARR, pleading. An abbreviation of the word narratio; a declaration in the cause.

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After reviewing the evidence gathered by the IPCC, the Crown Prosecution Service authorised a charge of common assault against Police Constable Sunil Narr, aged 30.
Peer relationships are such a major part of life for adolescents, and there are so many different types of peer relationships," Narr told IBT.
The NARR has already been used as reference for other reanalysis projects including the California Reanalysis Downscaling at 10 km (CaRD10) (Kanamaru and Kanamitsu 2007).
Las tablas 1 y 2 presentan el ajuste de los datos NARR, junto con los de las estaciones climatologicas del Ideam.
The good neighbor policies are really a product of decades of experience established in our affiliates around the country," says NARR president Dave Sheridan.
NARR doesn't certify recovery homes itself, but trains the entities that ultimately will be an affiliate to NARR.
Middlesbrough made a bright start, with Ryan Brobbel ring narBrobbel ring narR -rowly over in the early stages.
The CarBri Tunnel will bring together two of the fastest growing cities in the UK," said Councillor April Narr.
It looks set to be a difficult task though as despite earning promotion from Division 1B, their League semi-final showing highlighted a number of old frailties um It has All-Ireland Odds: 25/1 Leinster: 14/1 ince and narr rr rrow ow ow owly ly ly failed to -Ireland gham ALL-IRELAND TITLES: 4 (1988) LEINSTER TITLES: 1 (2012) LAST YEAR: Claimed a historic first Leinster title in their fourth season in the province and narrowly failed to trump Kilkenny again in the All-Ireland final before losing the replay MANAGER: Anthony Cunningham STAR MAN: Joe Canning (full-forward, right) NEED TO: Win the All-Ireland.
Se toma en consideracion el contexto de los actuales modelos de tectonica horizontal o aloctonos para deformacion en los niveles de la corteza superior, las fallas de alto angulo se tornan horizontales en profundidad hacia un nivel de despegue principal (Coward, 1983, Erslev, 1986; Narr & Suppe, 1994).
Glasner also looks at Schwdnke or collections of anecdotes, this time about the jester Claus Narr (c.
nolet and Brad The Black C Cup quarter-fi Stadium of Lig in no mood to time and thei much design Londoners' att Indeed, in th half only a Seb that was me Michael Turn behind by S threatened the Spurs, by con more advent Assou-Ekotto with a fourth flashed narr Simon Mig Cats, after their FA inal mauling at the ght, appeared to be o be expansive this ir set-up was very ned to thwart the tacking ambitions.