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judgment notwithstanding the verdict (N.O.V.)

n. reversal of a jury's verdict by the trial judge when the judge believes there was no factual basis for the verdict or it was contrary to law. The judge will then enter a different verdict as "a matter of law." Essentially the judge should have required a "directed verdict" (instruction to the jury to return with a particular verdict since the facts allowed no other conclusion), and when the jury "went wrong," the judge uses the power to reverse the verdict instead of approving it, to prevent injustice. This process is commonly called "judgment N.O.V." or simply "N.O.V,"

for Latin non obstante veredicto. (See: N.O.V., verdict)


adj. Shorthand acronym of Latin for non obstante veredicto (nahn ahb-stan-tuh very-dick-toe) meaning "not withstanding the verdict," referring to a decision of a judge to set aside (reverse) a jury's decision in favor of one party in a lawsuit or a guilty verdict when the judge is convinced the verdict is not reasonably supported by the facts and/or the law. The result is called a "judgment N.O.V." Granting a motion for such a ruling means the court realizes it should have directed the jury to reach an opposite verdict in the first place. (See: judgment, verdict, judgment notwithstanding the verdict)

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Each National Oilwell Varco motor design is tested before shipment in accordance with customer requirements and to the standards of ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, API or IEC, when specified.
Houston-based firm National Oilwell Varco is already well established in Scotland, employing more than 1,700 people at sites in Glenrothes, Montrose and Aberdeen and this expansion of 45 new jobs is welcome not only in the local Fife community but for the wider oil & gas industry, especially as so many of them will be highly-skilled positions.
The companies have already worked together, and in 2007 Scana Industrier supplied National Oilwell Varco with products and services for approximately NOK40m.
The contract covers 103 server licences for the open process database Proficy Historian, which National Oilwell Varco will include in a large drilling information system delivery to a major operator in India.
Thigpen has been with National Oilwell Varco for 15 years, holding various positions during his career.
National Oilwell Varco is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations and the provision of oilfield services to the upstream oil and gas industry.
National Oilwell Varco agreed in August 2012 to buy Robbins & Myers for USD60.
The effect of the second request is to extend the waiting period imposed by the HSR Act until 30 days after Robbins & Myers and National Oilwell Varco have substantially complied with the second request (unless that period is extended voluntarily by the parties or terminated sooner by the Department of Justice).
9bn) purchase by domestic oil and gas equipment provider National Oilwell Varco Inc (NYSE:NOV).
The board of directors of National Oilwell Varco (NYSE:NOV), an oil equipment company, on Monday authorised a decrease in its quarterly dividend to USD0.
9bn) takeover by domestic oil and gas drilling equipment maker National Oilwell Varco Inc (NYSE:NOV).
9 August 2012 - US oilfield equipment and services provider National Oilwell Varco Inc (NYSE:NOV) has agreed to take over industrial company Robbins & Myers Inc (NYSE:RBN) for some USD2.

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