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Therefore, I do not want to suggest that the state should impose a national autonomy model on groups that are no longer interested in, or capable of, exercising it.
To maintain their consistency black emigrationists had to walk a fine line between unflinching hostility toward white colonization societies and an openness toward proposals for black independence and national autonomy.
Above all, they must emphasise in every possible way that once national autonomy is deemed necessary for the two smaller nations of Britain, it is not possible to deny such autonomy to the largest, especially when that nation has such an obvious national identity and such a resplendent history and culture.
There you'll undoubtedly meet some fellow pilgrims who took the other popular form of passage from the Broke Spoke, piloting their outboards along the Jourdan River to Rotten Bayou and docking it under the Packers flag that waves from the deck like a symbol of national autonomy.
and their dispersal across the world, the Jews have remained a nation (albeit "nonterritorial" in character); that until the French Revolution and emancipation, the Jews had always been granted a large measure of internal self-government in the host states; that in the modern era, they should therefore lay claim in the various countries of the Diaspora not only to civil but also to national (that is, national minority) rights; and that national autonomy would enable them not only to run their own internal (above all, educational) affairs but also to defend their political interests more effectively both at home and abroad" (p.
Complete Technology Transfer through joint development of the Gripen NG, giving national autonomy and independence in the design, development, manufacture and through-life support of Gripen NG and future generation fighters.
Announcement of competition: The main purpose of this contract is to conclude an agreement on the implementation of a cost / benefit assessment of national autonomy in Norwegian electronic communications networks.

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