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What I saw was thousands of unrequired, created jobs and inept management of resources when nationalised and a constant struggle to make a profit when in private hands.
So nationalised trains are better run, invest more in the service and actually make money for the taxpayer, not the shareholder.
Northern Rock was nationalised in February, 2008, after it collapsed amid the credit crisis, sparking the first run on a UK bank for 150 years.
UK Asset Resolution said Northern Rock Asset Management - spun-off from the so-called "good" part of nationalised Northern Rock last year - made underlying profits of pounds 277.
Chavez in 2007 nationalised multi-billion dollar ventures turning bitumen into synthetic crude oils in Venezuela's vast Orinoco Tar Belt, persuading Western IOCs such as BP to accept minority stakes in facilities they had built and operated.
The Dutch government has nationalised ABN AMRO and Fortis Bank Nederland, Ireland has nationalised Anglo Irish Bank and taken indirect stakes in its top two lenders, and other European governments have provided support to banks.
Iceland's government has nationalised the country's biggest bank in an attempt to stem the damage inflicted by the global economic crisis.
The Herald newspaper, seen as a mouthpiece for President Robert Mugabe, said 20 farms were being immediately nationalised in each of the country's' eight provinces under an "accelerated land redistribution programme.
Subianto and the IMF agreed on a far-reaching plan - which was announced on March 14, 1999 after a delay of two weeks - whereby 38 local banks were shut down on that day and the government nationalised seven more banks.
The much maligned private sector, with their clean bright factories and modern machine tools, have much to show their nationalised counterparts.
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