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The post-war period proved that nationalised industries - especially natural monopolies like rail, water, transport and energy - were superior to private industry.
Such favours are most readily available within organisations most closely controlled by political bodies, the nationalised industries and the public sector.
We saw our North Sea oil riches wasted and our nationalised industries flogged on the cheap to pay for her massive dole bill and allow the rich to receive billions of pounds in tax cuts.
Through the 50s to the 80s the UK economy paid the price for being dominated by a few huge nationalised industries (Post Office, National Coal Board, electricity, gas, British Rail etc etc).
It is symptomatic of the general malaise that afflicts nationalised industries, and the NHS is the last of the big nationalised industries.
Regarding management it is true that the old nationalised industries were too hierarchical and probably over managed.
They've just ruled that housing associations are in effect nationalised industries too.
Secondly, Mr McGuin told us that nationalised industries were run by unions "who seemed to be permanently on strike.
C'mon, Dan, you know all the nationalised industries were run for the benefit of the employees, not the paying customer, and tragic as his untimely early death was, your mate Bob Crow and a lot of other union members at the time did not help to improve the quality and efficiency of these tax-funded giants.
In response, Conservative MP Nicholas Ridley drafted an internal report on the nationalised industries, in particular proposing how a future Conservative government could fight, and defeat, a major strike in a nationalised industry.
Behind every so-called militant is a mother fighting not for their husbands to be paid wage increases from empty purses but from the vast profits many firms including the nationalised industries have made over the last year.