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For smaller users, the name of the game is still 4MM DDS-5 drives with 36GB native capacity.
DAT 72 builds on the technology foundation of previous DDS media format to achieve native capacity of 36GB using a new MP++++ formulation.
Four lengths of VXA-2 tape cartridges and a cleaning cartridge are also available, allowing customers to select a cartridge native capacity from 20GB to 80GB to meet their exact storage needs for better control over their cost of ownership.
Super DLTtape 1 features a native capacity of 160GB with a transfer rate of 16MB/sec.
With a native capacity of up to 60GB (180GB with 3:1 compression) and a native transfer rate up to 14 MB/s, this tape format addresses both the reliability and rapidly growing storage capacity requirements of today's data center and automation customers.
VXA-2 delivers a native capacity of up to 80 GB, up to 160 GB compressed, at a sustained transfer rate of up to 12 MB/sec.
For pricing, the 80-slot library was priced at $33,375, two tape SDLT drives at $5,800 each and 80 100GB native capacity cartridges at $120 each.
4 TB native capacity, all in a compact 2u form factor that conserves valuable data center rack space.