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The LTO roadmap is now specified out to a sixth generation with a native capacity of 3.
This basic entry system, encapsulated within a standard 19-inch rack console, is scalable to house up to 12 drives and 216 cartridges for up to 108 TB of native capacity in a flexible and highly available configuration.
The Sony SAIT format has already attained the 500-gigabyte native capacity level yielding over 1TB per cartridge in compressed mode.
Designed for content management, data backup and enterprise data storage applications, the new SAIT PetaSite systems are expected to set a new standard for automated tape storage density with up to 250 terabytes (TB) of native capacity per square meter of floor space, and a total native capacity of up to 1.
The estimated street price starts at approximately $120 for a 40 GB native capacity removable disk cartridge.
A good example of the latest and greatest hardware is the pending release of a new LTO2 drive slated for this summer with a native capacity of 400GB on a single tape.
The Scalar 10K is available in LTO, SDLT, AIT and mixed media configurations, supporting up to 648 drives and 15,885 cartridges for a total native capacity of up to 1,588 TB.
AIT models are also supported by Sony's 4-cartridge autoloader providing up to 200GB native capacity and 6MB per second transfer rate in a 5.
The Maxell DLTtape S4 delivers twice the capacity of the nearest alternative offering and optimizes the performance of the Quantum DLT-S4 tape drive with a native capacity of 800GB (1.
The 12GB native capacity of the DDS-3 format was derived from two key media improvements: a higher-coercivity (1700 oersted vs.