Natural children

NATURAL CHILDREN. In the phraseology of the English or American law, natural children are children born out of wedlock, or bastards, and are distinguished from legitimate children; but in the language of the civil law, natural are distinguished from adoptive children, that is, they are the children of the parents spoken of, by natural procreation. See Inst. lib. 3, tit. 1, Sec. 2.
     2. In Louisiana, illegitimate children who have been acknowledged by their father, are called natural children; and those whose fathers are unknown are contradistinguished by the appellation of bastards. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 220. The acknowledgment of an illegitimate child shall be made by a declaration executed before a notary public, in the presence of two witnesses, whenever it shall not have been made in the registering of the birth or baptism of such child. Id. art. 221. Such acknowledgment shall not be made in favor of the children produced by an incestuous or adulterous connexion. Id. art. 222.
     3. Fathers and mothers owe alimony to their natural children, when they are in need. Id. art. 256, 913. In some cases natural children are entitled to the legal succession, of their natural fathers or mothers. Id. art. 911 to 927.
     4. Natural children owe alimony to their father or mother, if they are in need, and if they themselves have the means of providing it. Id. art. 256.
     5. The father is of right the tutor of his natural children acknowledged by him; the mother is of right the tutrix of her natural child not acknowledged by the father. The natural child, acknowledged by both, has for tutor, first the father; in default of him, the mother. Id. art. 274. See 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 319, et seq.

References in classic literature ?
Half a dozen natural children, perhapsand poor Frank cut off
Although the law has almost countenanced errors of youth by conceding to tardy regret a legal status to natural children, the insurmountable prejudices of society bring a strong force to the support of the reluctance of the law.
I could have done no more if I had known of our relationship; and there are a great many fathers who have never done as much for THEIR natural children.
Natalie relates to Lexi as if she were a real baby and is readying herself for the day she has natural children of her own.
20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Lawyers from Holland & Knight LLP have successfully obtained admission of Mickey Rooney's last will to probate over a challenge filed by seven of his eight natural children.
Provided that entitlement to benefits shall terminate when such children attain 21 years of age or get married; and In default of those mentioned above, surviving, legitimate, adopted or acknowledged natural children, who have reached 21 years of age, or in their absence, his surviving parent or parents, or in default thereof, his surviving unmarried brothers and sisters.
His relationship with his three natural children - two from his first marriage and one from his second - has not been so amiable.
The little girl was given a new home and life in 2009 by Madonna, who has two natural children and an adopted son, also from Malawi.
As far as Tom and Breege are concerned, they couldn't love natural children any more than they love Ketrin and Daniel.
By turn-of-century humanitarian views towards orphans and natural children had given way to the overarching goal of protecting a man's property and bloodline from interlopers and guaranteeing a stable social order through the nation's patriarchal families.
While many birth-parents are pleased, relieved and welcoming of contact, many are afraid of upsetting spouses, other natural children, or may find the reappearance of a "baby" over whom they once agonised very emotionally taxing.