Natural day

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NATURAL DAY. That space of time included between the rising and the setting of the sun. See Day.

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Builders credited the center's use of natural day lighting to reduce energy consumption, local construction materials and emphasis on water efficiency.
Targeted for the equivalency of a silver rating from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEAD, both schools make use of natural day lighting, passive solar heat, displacement ventilation that allows classrooms individual access to outside air, and bioswales and landscaping that control storm water runoff.
The building comprises 100 per cent recyclable metal cladding and is complemented by high natural day lighting levels and structural detailing in Vodafone's distinctive red corporate colour.
Most runners train for a marathon by staging their long runs on the same day the race will be run, and Sunday is a natural day to do so because many of the runners do not work that day.
Larger events can be held in the Al Yasat Ballroom, which features direct access to natural day light and a waterfall view.
High-class equipment, adjustable leather chairs, leather writing pads, natural day light, an in-room espresso machine, coupled with the final touch of the unmatched personal service makes the Park Hyatt Hamburg a favorite among executives.
Design and layout of each space will oriented to maximize the natural day light and take advantage of the commanding views.
Go for textured coral and peach for a natural day look to classic reds and scarletts for the hottest of night times.
Many air-supported structures feature a translucent white fabric, which allows natural day lighting to help illuminate the interior.
Although the district didn't specifically request a building that maximized natural day lighting, the architects oriented all classrooms to the north and south, optimizing their ability to catch sunlight and reducing overheating certain areas of the building at different times of the day.
Lastly, Polley says they want to make it "human healthy," with natural day lighting in all working areas.
Sunlight is essential for the body's natural day and night rhythms and brings nourishment to the body, mind and soul.