Naturalized citizen

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NATURALIZED CITIZEN. One who, being born an alien, has lawfully become a citizen of the United States Under the constitution and laws.
     2. He has all the rights of a natural born citizen, except that of being eligible as president or vice-president of the United States. In foreign countries he has a right to be treated as such, and will be so considered even in the country of his birth, at least for most purposes. 1 Bos. & P. 430. See Citizen; Domicil; Inhabitant.

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Regarding Madison's concern about exciting political passions and delegitimating government through constitutional change, allowing naturalized citizens to run for president would not alter any of the basic structures of government.
3) We might therefore understand the Clause as resting on three propositions: It distinguishes citizens from foreigners; it reserves the Office of the Presidency for the former; and it classifies naturalized citizens with the latter.
Decreasing the financial burden for immigrants who wish to become naturalized citizens will help them improve their families' lives and enrich their communities.
Natarseh, as a naturalized citizen, will be allowed to stay in the United States following his sentence.
census, the number of naturalized citizens has increased substantially in Texas, and the state's immigrants account for significant purchasing power and economic output, according to an analysis by a Washington-based think tank urging immigration reform.
As a naturalized citizen who immigrated to the United States from Chile in 1965, I understand, first hand, the plight of immigrants and the challenges they face.
He asked jurors if they have a problem with the fact that Yazdi is a naturalized citizen from Iran who worked for the IRS.
A naturalized citizen is a citizen who was not a United States citizen at birth, but later becomes one.
The 34-year-old computer engineer, who became a naturalized citizen in New York 17 years ago, and lives with his wife and baby in suburban Virginia, was accused of making sketches and surveillance videos of busy subway stops near the Pentagon and tourist-packed Arlington Cemetery.
When Moua joined the military, he also wanted to become a naturalized citizen.
And on his application for American citizenship -- he is a naturalized citizen -- he failed to mention his work for the Iraqi Intelligence Service.
I didn't like the way Dan Morales said Spanish can't be even with English," groused spectator Felipe Banvelos, a 45-year-old Mexican expatriate who became a naturalized citizen in 1999.