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GOD. From the Saxon god, good. The source of all good; the supreme being. 1. Every man is presumed to believe in God, and he who opposes a witness on the ground of his unbelief is bound to prove it. 3 Bouv. Inst. u. 3180.
     2. Blasphemy against the Almighty, by denying his being or providence, was an offence punishable at common law by fine and imprisonment, or other infamous corporal punishment. 4 Bl. Corn. 60; 1 East, P. C. 3; 1 Russ. on Crimes, 217. This offence his been enlarged in Pennsylvania, and perhaps most of the states, by statutory provision. Vide Christianity; Blasphemy; 11 Serg. & Rawle, 394.
     3. By article 1, of amendments to the Constitution of the United States, it is provided that "Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." In the United States, therefore, every one is allowed to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.

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If as a genuine human person Jesus was totally committed to people, then as the Son of God, of the very nature of God, Jesus was totally committed to God.
To cite my favourite Bible passage--all are favourite passages, depending on the lectionary readings, but John 10:10 is one of those--Jesus came to reveal the nature of God, a generous God, so that "we may have life and have it abundantly.
In this, he exhibited the tenacious nature of God, who does not give up on sinners but relentlessly pursues them until they learn to find their home in God.
Her view is not a "physical atonement doctrine" (that occurs at the "moment" of the incarnation): "Christ's entire life culminating in his death is as much a part of the Incarnation as the moment at which the human nature of God the Son begins to exist" (118).
Within this deceptively compact text, Buhring uses an efficient "compare and contrast" strategy to explain some rather complex liberative theologies, alongside his distinctive perspective on the nature of God, suffering, and evil that he describes as bumanocentric theism.
Big Bad God of the Bible" is a religious discussion text using the vehicle of the author talking to various theologians in a local coffee shop discussing the divine and the true nature of God and his wrath.
Him finds her pondering the nature of God, moving into the realm of really big issues that it took her male counterpart Mike 'The Streets' Skinner four albums to get to.
One-off drama set in Auschwitz, where a group of prisoners try to understand the nature of God by putting the Almighty on trial.
I have found that healing can be realised by gaining an insight into the spiritual nature of God and His loving relationship to all men and women.
This brief book, written by one of the long-time experts on the mystery of God, is, of course, not going to answer questions about the nature of God.
Secondly, there is always forgiveness available; that is the nature of God.
Readers learn not just what Islam says about everything from the nature of God to marriage to prayer to politics, but also how individual Muslims (traditional or modern, devout or barely observant) apply teachings in everyday life.