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NAUFRAGE, French mar. law. When, by the violent agitation of the waves, the impetuosity of the winds, the storm, or the lightning, a vessel is swallowed up, or so shattered that there remain only the pieces, the accident is called naufrage.
     2. It differs from echouement, which is, when the vessel, remains whole, but is grounded; or from bris, which is, when it strikes against a rock or a coast; or from sombrer, which is, the sinking of the vessel in the sea, when it is swallowed up, and which may be caused by any accident whatever. Pardes. n. 643, Vide Wreck.

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Selon le message , le resident de la Republique de Coree du Sud a exprime sa gratitude pour le message de condoleances qu'il a recu du president Al-Bashir dans le naufrage du ferry a Seoul .
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Opacities are poured in midnight ciphers, alembic of the shored remnant, naufrage the hours cannot steer north of founder, and ruin is the clear attar on the tongue, trajectory of toward blue as blindness in the ocean's stare.
See Eric Chol, "Le naufrage de la recherche," L'Express, 20 April 2000; Jean-Marie Laborde from Grenoble, who with his team patented geometry software that gave a return of 4 million FF in 2000 to the CNRS, was portrayed as a traitor during a scientific meeting because of his research contracts with Texas Instrument.
Three of these works--L'Ersatz d'amour (1923) and Le Naufrage (1924), both written with Suzanne de Callias, and Le Troisieme Sexe (1927)--dealt specifically with male homosexuality.
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Petroleum wells in the area have been interpreted as being collared in the Naufrage Formation (Giles and Utting 1999), although a direct correlation of the two formational schemes awaits.
Ces vieilles gens d'avant 1914 ignoraient cette angoisse qui est la notre, chaque fois que nous passons le cap d'une nouvelle annee, de voir apparaitre les signes annonciateurs du naufrage immense ou ce qui perira, ce ne sera pas seulement ce qui par nature devait perir, c'est-a-dire nous-memes, mais les monuments, les livres, les croyances, les moeurs, le langage en qui nous avions cru nous survivre.
Jurgen Paul, "Faire naufrage," is a survey of Islamic stories having to do with deliverance from shipwreck, offering some instructive comparisons with Christian miracle stories--for example, the exchange of money seems to have troubled Christian saints less.
Partisan of erotic absolutism, reticent megalomaniac even among the diving frog-men, messenger at the same time of the halo Paul Celan, I don't evoke the petrifying physiognomies of the aerial naufrage, but once, every decade (or more), I don't skate, but only at a very late hour, on a lake guarded by the giant forest of the acephalous members of the Universal Poets' Conspiracy.
See also Hassan, ALGERIE: HISTOIRE D'UN NAUFRAGE (Paris: Le Seuil, 1996), chapters 7 and 8.
La rencontre de La Valette avait ete programmee des le printemps dernier, au lendemain d'un naufrage ou 800 migrants etaient morts noyes en Mediterranee centrale, une [beaucoup moins que] route [beaucoup plus grand que] empruntee par des milliers de migrants africains.