Naval officer

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NAVAL OFFICER. The name of an officer of the United States, whose duties are prescribed by various acts of congress.
     2. Naval officers are appointed for the term of four years, but are removable from office at pleasure. Act of May 15, 1820, Sec. 1, 3 Story, L. U. S. 1790.
     3. The act of March 2, 1799, Sec. 21, 1 Story, L. U. S. 590, prescribes that the naval officer shall receive copies of all manifests, and entries, and shall, together with the collector, estimate the duties on all goods, wares, and merchandise, subject to duty, (and no duties shall be received without such estimate,) and shall keep a separate record thereof, and shall countersign all permits, clearances, certificates, debentures, and other documents, to be granted by the collector; he shall also examine the collector's abstracts of duties, and other accounts of receipts, bonds, and expenditures, and, if found right, he shall certify the same.
     4. And by Sec. 68, of the same law, it is enacted, that every collector, naval officer, and surveyor, or other person specially appointed, by either of them, for that purpose, shall have full power and authority to enter any ship or vessel, in which they shall have reason to suspect any goods, wares, or merchandise, subject to duty, are concealed, and therein to search for, seize, and secure, any such goods, wares, or merchandise and if they shall have cause to suspect a concealment thereof in any particular dwelling house, store, building, or other place, they or either of them shall, upon proper application, on oath, to any justice of the peace, be entitled to a warrant to enter such house, store, or other place (in the day time only,) and there to search for such goods; and if any shall be found, to seize and secure the same for trial; and all such goods, wares and merchandise, on which the duties shall not have been paid, or secured to be paid, shall be forfeited.

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KARACHI -- Five people including a former naval officer were killed in different violent incidents in Karachi on Tuesday.
Not only am I the granddaughter, daughter and wife of a seafarer and worked in shipping offices, the Shipping Federation and helped with the Mission to Seafarers, I am the mother of a female naval officer who I am very proud of.
Lieutenant Paterson, who was a most promising naval officer, was home on short leave in April last.
6THE 6 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965) - JULIE ANDREWS stars as Maria, a young woman who leaves an Austrian convent in the 1930s to become a governess to the children of a naval officer widower.
Shweta has become the first Indian naval officer to spend such a long time in the sea.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Gunmen shot dead a naval officer in Eastern Libya on Wednesday, a security official said, the latest in a string of killings targeting members of the security forces.
On Board INS Mysore: Piracy in the Indian ocean is on the wane but issues on land in Somalia need to be resolved to completely eradicate the problem and create safe passage for a large part of the world's maritime traffic that passes through the trade route of the Gulf of Aden, according to a senior Indian naval officer.
ISLAMBAD, Sept 4, (KUNA) -- At least seven people including a senior naval officer was killed in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, said police on Wednesday Police said that two gunmen riding a motorbike stopped the vehicle of the naval officer and opened fire killing him on the spot and wounding his wife near the National Stadium area.
As I was preparing this column, I was shocked to hear of the news of the passing of former naval officer, soldier, newsman and writer, Peter Worthington, whose articles have frequently appeared in this magazine, as well as in the national media (including the Toronto Sun, which he co-founded).
Every ambitious naval officer should want to be a graduate of Newport.
And third, the sharply rising costs of maintaining Britain's naval superiority made the subject of naval affairs in general, and the activity of the executive naval officer branch in particular, matters of serious public concern.

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