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In such cases, treatment is conducted according to the principle that the more necrotic tissue is removed from the canals, the lower the risk of periapical lesions [21].
The necrotic tissues were fully removed and the bad odor of the lesion disappeared following LDT applied twice within the first week in 15 patients (41.
The conditions required for egg laying and survival of the larvae are moisture, necrotic tissue and suitable temperature.
Area was dominated by necrotic tissue, but some cells showed high nuclear/cytoplasmic ratios, suggestive of malignancy.
Within 3 weeks, wounds treated with MDT had one-third the necrotic tissue and twice the granulation tissue of wounds debrided conventionally.
In the operating room and under spinal anaesthesia, the necrotic areas were debrided and the necrotic tissues were removed in several stages so that the bleeding tissues were observable.
All the necrotic tissue was excised till healthy bleeding margins were seen (Figure 3).
Any wound that has necrotic tissue or surrounding callus should be debrided.
Severe cases of the sickness can lead to thick bands of necrotic tissue that stunt shoots and reduce yields.
Mammals pus in abscess is often milky exudates composed of degenerative neutrophils, macrophage, and necrotic tissue.
The woman was admitted and underwent immediate widespread local excision of necrotic tissue extending from and including the left lower eyelid, left cheek and the soft tissues overlying the left angle of mandible and lateral aspect of upper neck (Fig.
It also helps to remove the necrotic tissue debris and dead cells from the site of infection by breaking high molecular weight inflammatory exudate into smaller amino acid that are positively utilized by the body.