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Nega said the Mission's focus is now on peacebuilding and stability in Darfur in general and peacekeeping in Jebel Marra, calling to include leaders of the IDPs and native administration in the joint committee.
Para explicitarmos a polemica instaurada entre E1 e E2 recorremos tambem ao encadeamento do enunciado negativo, pois e nele que encontraremos as marcas que denunciam que L1 nega 3 acima (no desdobramento de E1).
A seemingly reclusive elder statesman with a mastery of Ethiopia's political and security landscape, Sebhat Nega was to play a crucial role in not only ensuring a smooth transition, but equally that the new prime minister was not undermined by the prowling ethnic irredentists in the security services and within the ruling EPRDF party where Nega still holds sway, even though he resigned from all party positions in 2.
Disso decorre que a poesia e, igualmente, a negatividade, no sentido em que ela nega, no acesso ao sentido, aquilo que determinaria esse acesso como uma passagem, uma via ou um caminho, e que tambem o afirma como uma presenca, uma invasao.
At the meeting, Salehi and Nega exchanged views on ways to develop the relations and cooperation between the two countries.
Eskinder Nega has been jailed in Ethiopia since September 2011, while the other defendants are living in exile.
People are so terrorised they just want this election to be over, and they want to go back to their miserable lives," Berhanu Nega, a former politician, said.
Nao se nega aqui o esforco de muitos profissionais, tecnicos, intelectuais, gestores e alguns poloticos, porem tambem nao e possovel negar que os objetivos que se tentam perseguir estao bem longe do que se ve realizado.
The selections O Perfuma Da Nega (Gabriel Moura), Nao Ceu (Paula Santoro), and O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Garrafieira) are but a few of the favorites in this refreshing collection of acoustic Brazilian tracks.
Nega Ali Goji, a physician at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and his colleagues identified 37 people who 8 years ago had received two doses of an experimental vaccine against one H5N1 strain of bird flu.
Drama and dance instructor Allison Nega, a 2006 Disney Teacher of the Year
Nega Mezlekia, The God Who Begat a Jackal (Picador, 2002)