Negative condition

NEGATIVE CONDITION, contracts, wills. One where the thing which is the subject of it must not happen; as, if I do not marry. Poth. Ob. n. 200; 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 751.

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At first there is a sort of negative condition, as if some tie were loosened, and then the absolute freedom quickly follows.
Ogliengo also said that the investments in energy sector in Turkey increased despite the negative condition in 2009 due to global economic crisis.
Chinese students in the in-group negative condition, by contrast, scored significantly lower on private national self-esteem than their classmates in other conditions.
I covered it up for so long, because people see it as a negative condition - they don't know there are so many positive things to come out of it," she said.
My hair has re-grown, fallen out and re-grown again over five years but I no longer look upon it as a negative condition.
The HBM is based on the understanding that people will take health-related action if they feel that a negative health condition can be avoided and if they have a positive expectation that they can successfully take a recommended action to avoid the negative condition.
Slavery, for Lincoln, was not merely a negative condition that might be extended indefinitely to ever-larger portions of the country.
There is no negative condition in the bill of Kerry while the suggestions in the second bill have not yet been finalized, he added.
A wealth of ground-breaking research by some of the world's leading experts in Telomere Science and Aging, including Nobel laureates, has demonstrated a strong connection between short Telomeres and many of the negative conditions associated with human aging, and also with canine aging.
Global Banking News-January 7, 2014--Fitch foresees negative conditions in Romania's banking sector
They need to be aware that, without meaning to or because of necessity, they create negative conditions either for liberation and reunification or for the negotiating power that we should have at the negotiating table," he said.
Let them realize that without wanting or even of necessity, they create negative conditions for freedom, reunification and the bargaining power to bear on the table", he concluded.