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The two ambulancemen - one an experienced paramedic, the other a technician - were quizzed on suspicion of neglection of duty.
Lack of Electricity in few areas adjacent to border even after more than 55 years of independence reflect the neglection of development in the Indo-Nepal border areas.
Isolation and remoteness of the mine sites is foundation for insulation from and neglection by outsiders.
This is not surprising due to the neglection of viscoelasticity within the model.
Rudraiah & Veerabhadraiah [11] have pointed out that this deviation may be due to the neglection of buoyancy force narrow down the deviation of the theoretical results from the experimental data for a particular value of the buoyancy parameter.
Furthermore, political actors in border areas changed their perception toward their neighbors across the national boundary line from neglection toward potential cooperation partner and allies.
He may forgive, he added, neglection of HAWQOOQUL ALLAH.
Ministry of Agriculture accuses Central Bank of neglection in cotton purchasing.
Minister Khoury lamented, in his speech, the accumulated neglection of the religious and historical sites in Lebanon.
Avoidance of neglection of the religious obligations.
In issuing its decree to dismiss the arbitration rule, the court relied on reasons pertinent to conduct and corruption of the arbitrators, violation of the Public Order and the serious neglection of a major procedure of the arbitration, as stipulated in the memo which was formulated by the Ministry of Justice in this regard.