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23) The appearance of the word Negrophobia is recent, and it is hardly found in dictionaries.
This updated Fanon is a fierce critic of South Africa's branch of the global post-colonial ruling classes, with the ANC exposed as post-independence nationalists colluding in the rise of "chauvinism, negrophobia, and finally racism" (Mbembe 2011); as speaking in a political discourse deaf to the "genuine issues that affect the people every day--water, electricity, education, land, housing" (Likode 2006, 187); and as profiting via "a neoliberal economic project that only 'empowers' a thin layer of African and Indian elites" (Gibson 2008, 9).
Written in the aftermath of the betrayal of the black Cuban War soldier and the upsurge of Negrophobia in the wake of the Spanish-American War, in 1899 Sutton Griggs, a Nashville Baptist minister originally from Texas, published his first novel, Imperium in Imperio: A Study of the Negro Problem.
For a discussion of the under-appreciated costs of these dignity violations to black Americans, see JODY DAVID ARMOUR, NEGROPHOBIA AND REASONABLE RACISM: THE HIDDEN COSTS OF BEING BLACK IN AMERICA 53 (1997).
In a passage strangely reminiscent of Darius James's Negrophobia, McIntyre falls asleep and finds himself stymied by a talking lawn jockey; the jive-talking iron man is evidently symbolic of an increasingly intolerable racial burden:
If it, finally, manages to demonstrate that anti-black racism and negrophobia were largely contrivances to hide the crude nature of the most extreme form of exploitation of the poor by the rich, it will be a success.
Some historians, most notably Michael Kammen, are convinced that colonists were overcome by "popular hysteria, Negrophobia, and anti-Catholicism" (p.
Wright got it exactly right in 1860 when he concluded that color prejudice, anti-Negro sentiment, or negrophobia, was ultimately an aversion to miscegenation, an aversion to black male/white female sexual union.