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Nemo, qui condemnare potest, absolvere non potest. He who may condemn may acquit. Dig. 50, 17, 37.

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I tasted, more from curiosity than as a connoisseur, whilst Captain Nemo enchanted me with his extraordinary stories.
Captain Nemo suddenly became silent in the midst of this enthusiasm, by which he was quite carried away.
Captain Nemo," said I to my host, who had just thrown himself on one of the divans, "this is a library which would do honour to more than one of the continental palaces, and I am absolutely astounded when I consider that it can follow you to the bottom of the seas.
I thanked Captain Nemo, and went up to the shelves of the library.
This room is not only a library," said Captain Nemo, "it is also a smoking-room.
At that moment Captain Nemo opened a door which stood opposite to that by which I had entered the library, and I passed into an immense drawing-room splendidly lighted.
Captain Nemo must have expended millions in the acquirement of these various specimens, and I was thinking what source he could have drawn from, to have been able thus to gratify his fancy for collecting, when I was interrupted by these words:
I followed Captain Nemo who, by one of the doors opening from each panel of the drawing-room, regained the waist.
Both petrol and diesel-engined Nemos are available in well-equipped X trim format, while the diesel-powered models are also offered in highspecification LX versions.
In addition to power steering, all Nemos have a high quality stereo radio with MP3-compatible CD sound system.
In 2004, the business partners opened the first of many planned Nemos Seafood restaurants, a take-out chain that offers fresh, home-style seafood entrees--a healthy alternative to deep-fried, high-fat fast food.
A lot of people have come in asking for Nemos and Dorys,'' said Dania Rivas of SeaScapes in Newhall, referring to the clownfish and blue tang fish that star in the movie and cohabitate easily in real life.