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We included 17 axonal neuropathy (AN) patients, 11 vasculitic neuropathy (VN) patients and 12 hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsy (HNPP) who had undergone sural and superficial peroneal nerve biopsy as part of the diagnostic work-up of their neuropathy and whose nerve biopsy specimens were suitable for the immunohistochemical analysis.
The researchers of this study point out that presently, nerve biopsy is the only way to confirm the diagnosis with certainty.
Coverage encompasses MRI-targeted fascicular nerve biopsy, scientific reports on new molecular genetic insights, and autonomic disorders, with the bulk of the chapters consisting of illustrated case studies on the evaluation and management of the most common peripheral nerve disorders, with discussion of diagnosis, clinical features, imaging, histopathology, and other aspects.
The data were further supported by sural nerve biopsy and cutaneous nerve biopsy studies (Kuo et al.