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ROOT. That part of a tree or plant under ground from which it draws most of its nourishment from the earth.
     2. When the roots of a tree planted in one man's land extend into that of another, this circumstance does not give the latter any right to the tree, though such is the doctrine of the civil law; Dig. 41, 1, 7, 13; but such person has a right to cut off the roots up to his line. Rolle's R. 394, vide Tree.
     3. In a figurative sense, the term root is used to signify the person from whom one or more others are descended. Vide Descent; Per stirpes.

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In four, one pair of intercostal nerves was inserted in the conus medullaris and another pair connected to L4 nerve roots.
Thirty patients (21 women and nine men) had temporary placement of a lead containing four small electrodes along the S2 to S4 sacral nerve roots on both sides of the sacrum.
The nature of the restored function depends upon the specific functions the target nerves or nerve roots serve (i.
Cervical disc disease is defined as intractable radiculopathy (radiating pain) and/or myelopathy (weakness) with herniated disc and/or osteophyte formation on posterior vertebral end plates producing symptomatic nerve root and/or spinal cord compression.
Zhang exposed Yang's sacral nerve roots that control urogenital muscles.
Success of this operation depends on cutting of the sensory nerve roots when electrodes are placed on motor-nerve roots.
Degenerative stenosis is a common condition in the aging process, marked by the gradual narrowing of the spinal canal, resulting in pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots.
A SLIPPED disc is when one of the soft parts of the cartilage between the vertebrae in the spine bulges through a circle of connective tissue to push on the spinal cord or nerve roots.
Pain occurs when the degenerating discs pinch and put pressure on the nearby nerve roots or spinal cord.
Pain emanates from the damaged discs themselves or is caused by the discs or bone impinging on nearby nerve roots or the spinal cord.
The spinal cord and nerve roots of the baby protrude in the form of a sac and may cause loss of fluid from the nervous system.