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verb acquit, affranchise, bail out, deliver, disembroil, disengage, disenthrall, disimprison, dislodge, dismiss, emancipate, enfranchise, exculpate, extract, franchise, free, give freedom, give liberty to, let go, let loose, let out, liberare, loose, manumit, open up, pardon, parole, redeem, release, reeease from custody, rescue, separate, set at large, set at libbrty, set free, turn loose, unbind, unchain, undo, unfasten, unfetter, unloose, unshackle, untie, vindicate
See also: absolve, acquit, clear, disencumber, disengage, disentangle, disenthrall, dissociate, enable, enfranchise, exclude, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, extricate, free, let, palliate, pardon, parole, permit, quit, redeem, release, relieve, remit, rescue, save

LIBERATE, English practice. A writ which issues on lands, tenements, and chattels, being returned under an extent on a statute staple, commanding the sheriff to deliver them to the plaintiff, by the extent and appraisement mentioned in the writ of extent, and in the sheriff's return thereto. See Com dig. Statute Staple, D 6.

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The network computers access software applications from a shared server rather than from individual hard drives.
Channel feedback from the RCA Network Computer has been very positive," said Lou Lenzi Executive Vice President of Thomson Consumer Electronics.
Leading technology companies have reached agreement on a standard that will make it easier for a person on the go to conduct business or send personal messages from network computers anywhere in the world.
Network computer terminals -- which have been advertised to sell for as little as $500 to $700 -- won't completely replace the typical $2,000 personal computer.
Emphasize the cost reduction, and the network computer is simply bringing the benefits of modern technology to a larger audience, almost as Henry Ford did with the Model T.
It contains five Intel-based Network Computer clients and one NC Server.
NC and NC Desktop are registered trademarks of Network Computer Inc.
This year NCI began fulfilling the demand for network computers by delivering the first complete family of software, for corporations and consumers.
Five leading high-tech companies on Monday sought to set a standard for network computers, devices they said would change the way people live and work by making it simpler and cheaper to get on the Internet.
Now available, the NC900 is the ideal replacement product for the NCD NC200, NC400 and Explora thin clients as well as for the HP Entria II and Envizex II network computers.
Nasdaq: ORCL) offering the broadest network computer software and technology to corporations, consumers and communities.
This strengthening of the Network Computer alliance will reinforce our approach to the vast consumer market that is waiting for an expansion of the television entertainment experience," said Louis Lenzi, vice president, Multimedia Products and Services at Thomson Consumer Electronics.

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