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The Briton had been living in a mobile home among a community of New Age Travellers in the Kilmichael area between Dunmanway and Macroom for a number of years.
Mr Vince took up a "nomadic" existence as a New Age traveller after the pair separated in 1984 - a year after their son Dane was born, Mr Pointer told London's Civil Appeal Court.
I played 'Sir' Simon Shepherd who had given up acting and was living as a New Age traveller in a tent with Miss Twitch.
New Age traveller Elliot Robertson died after being attacked in Ireland.
A SCOTS woman has been charged with murdering a New Age traveller and dumping his body in a slurry tank.
He lived as a New Age Traveller and was one of a number of squatters at Lower Salthill.
The New Age Traveller sets are compact enough to fit into your hand luggage and big enough to house ten products that include skinfresh facial wash, skin balance toning lotion, active defence city-day hydrator and skin boost moisture mist 24hr.
WHO SAID: "I've had fantasies of being a barrister or a New Age traveller.
Most recently, New Age traveller Gary Bull was beaten to death and dumped in a slurry pit, while suspected diesel smuggler Paul Quinn was bludgeoned to death by a ruthless mob.
Their owner was a New Age traveller who had been evicted from a site in Barnet.
GARDAI investigating the murder of a New Age traveller whose body was found in a slurry pit are seeking the public's help in finding a van.
A HOLIDAY jet was grounded at Glasgow Airport yesterday after passengers mistook a New Age traveller for a terrorist.