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In his twenties he was a New Age traveller with no money," he said.
Bull, from Herfordshire, had been living in a mobile home among the 200-strong New Age traveller community in Kilmichael, west Cork, since 2004.
Former New Age traveller Dale Vince became a millionaire more than 10 years after he and Kathleen Wyatt separated <B Adrian Sherratt/Ecotricity
New Age traveller Elliot Robertson died after being attacked in Ireland.
A FORMER New Age traveller who went from rags to riches by founding one of the UK's biggest green energy companies is fighting his ex-wife's PS2m claim for maintenance - more than 20 years after they divorced.
Mr Bull, who was a New Age Traveller, arrived on Sunday evening, was argumentative and got into a scuffle with Geaney.
Transform from new age traveller to nouveau chic jetsetter and give your boho staples an overhaul.
Their owner was a New Age traveller who had been evicted from a site in Barnet.
A MAN was yesterday charged with the murder of a New Age Traveller whose battered remains were found in a slurry pit.
A SCOTS woman has been charged with murdering a New Age traveller and dumping his body in a slurry tank.
He's made a complete set of Punch and Judy puppets as well as an assortment of other characters including a new age traveller type bloke, affectionately known as Swampy.
Lisa Tyrrell (as Vixen Sharp-Ears) looks like a New Age Traveller, with tousled hair and a tattered pink frock over ripped jeans and with the mandatory big boots.